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I have the free Kontakt player. Do your instruments work there?

No, you need the full version of Kontakt in order to use external instruments in Kontakt. Please also check the required Kontakt version for each instrument you download.

Do I need Kontakt or is there a different sample player I can use?

On each instrument you buy there is a sample folder, so technically you can use the WAV files in a different sampler, but you will have to set up this yourself and stuff might sound a little different as we develop our instruments to work best in Kontakt.

Can I get a refund for the instrument I bought?

As our instruments are downloadable products, we can not guarantee a refund. You can contact us though, and we might find a good solution.

I bought an instrument, and now you uploaded a new version of it to your website.

Contact us, and we will send you the updated version. This can happen if we find a bug that got fixed. Just send us proof of your purchase and the new version will go your way.

I'm a sample developer or sound designer and would like to work with you.

Email us with anything you've got, and we will be in touch.

I found a bug in your instrument. Where do I report it?

First of all thanks for letting us know! Bugs and errors happen from time to time as every system our software runs on is different. Please send us a description or screen capture of the bug to our email through our contact page. As a thank you for your time, we will send you a little gift!