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Sample libraries

A collection of custom sample libraries developed for Kontakt.

The Criminal


The Arctic


The Roman


The Jennes




G-ONE (Free)


custom virtual instruments.

All of our instruments are custom-made for specific projects we had, and we would like to share them with you, as it would be a shame if all of them just stay lying around on our hard drives. Have a browse through the website, listen to the sound demos and download the free try-instruments you find under each "buy" button to try out the instrument.

Fastsoundtools is a project by Amadeus (Composer) and Phil (Sound designer). We started this little sample library store as we both created and sampled a few unique sounds, incorporated them into our productions and would like to share them with you. Our goal was to build small and ready-to-use instruments, that give our music a unique value.

All of our instruments only work in the full and paid version of KONTAKT by Native Instruments. The free kontakt player will only work for 15min.


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